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Critical Acclaim


“In their powerful performance, the Dichters showed remarkable unanimity of phrasing and virtuosic command, tossing off the most demanding pages with power and remarkable precision....both artists were at their best, nearly symbiotic in their legato and phrasing, and making the most of the gracious, lyrical music.”

Chicago Tribune


“One was struck not only by the synchronism of their musical impulses, but also by the vigor and elegance of the execution.”

The New York Times


“The musical part of the all-Shostakovich evening began with Misha and Cipa Dichter’s rhythmically fastidious, acid-tinged rendering of the Concertino for Two Pianos….The musical centerpiece was the first public performance of the first movement of the ‘Babi Yar’ Symphony in the two-piano reduction…in which the Dichters gave a muscular and sometimes fiery reading.”

The New York Times


“The performance itself was first rate.  The Dichters traversed these orchestral textures [first movement of Shostakovich’s two-piano version of the Babi Yar Symphony] with infectious élan and seeming ease.”

The New York Sun


“The Dichters offered a keenly felt, sturdily assertive performance of music that mixed deep melancholy and lighthearted gaiety.  The soft music sparkled, especially Cipa’s rippling embellishments in Chopin’s Rondo.”

Houston Chronicle


“The Dichter duo performed with uncommonly fine balances of volume and tone. A keen sensitivity and intelligent give-and-take were at work in even the most remote elements of phrasing between melody, counter-melody and supporting embellishments.”

San Francisco Chronicle


“Cleverly arranged and immaculately executed, the intriguing program of works for two pianos played by Cipa and Misha Dichter at UCLA on Wednesday had to fascinate...the Dichters’ playing of Claude Debussy’s transcription of Six Etudes in Form of a Canon by Schumann, and of Leonard Bernstein’s transcription of Copland’s El Salón México, proved again deeply impressive.”

Los Angeles Times


“…the greatest couple since Fred and Ginger.”

                        Boulder Daily Camera


“The kind of sixth sense this particular virtuoso-duo demonstrated is very hard to find.”

Newark Star Ledger


 “After more than 30 years of playing together, the Dichters know each other’s playing intimately: They passed runs back and forth without the slightest hesitation, and landed chords in perfect ensemble, each playing with the relaxed assurance of knowing exactly what the other would do.  And yet, the Dichters spoke with two distinct voices.  Cipa, with a more poetic, introspectively style, carefully voiced parts to make melodies ring and allowed more latitude in tempo to bring out the bloom of phrases.  Misha’s playing assertive and gregarious, was more straightforward, with fleeter fingers and smoother runs.  The contrasts and concordances between the two were fascinating.”

Honolulu Advertiser


“The Dichters attack precisely, can maintain some daring tempos without strain and counterbalance each other in the creation of varied orchestral colors.  They are likewise indefatigable; the program summarized almost every direction of the literature and the players ended with as much verve and exhilaration as they began...The most successful effort in the way of orchestral simulation was in Leonard Bernstein’s arrangement of Copland’s El Salón México, which became an all-out tour de force.”

Los Angeles Times


“The splendid impression of stylistic elegance, technical ease, and interpretative unanimity that the Dichters conveyed in the two Schubert pieces was reinforced when they turned to two pianos for Rachmaninoff’s Suite No. 2 (Op. 17).  Rather grander in manner that the Schubert, the Suite received aptly broader treatment without totally losing the parlor atmosphere.”

The New York Times


“Misha and Cipa Dichter made Mozart’s Two-Piano Concerto ‘flow like oil’ to use Mozart’s own laudatory phrase.  The tone of both partners was unforced and sparkling without ever turning brittle.  And their phrasing was as natural as conversation.” 

Spokane Spokesman-Review


Recording:  Mozart:  Complete Piano Works for Four Hands


“Like all music in this collection, it [Fantasia in F Minor, K. 608] is witty, melodious and superbly polished.  So is the Dichters’ performance.”

Washington Post


“The Dichters are rare not only among pianists but musicians in general because the artistic bridges they build meet exactly and tightly in the middle rather than sliding off to one side or the other. Their dual musical efforts are conceived as one, so they sound as one.  That’s all there is to it; but then, that’s everything…”

Santa Fe New Mexican


“The performances are splendid.  No surprise here.  Husband and wife pianists Misha and Cipa Dichter are one of the finest duo pianists of this era.”

Copley News Service


“This set is an unmitigated delight…All of these works were intended for pianists to have fun at private gatherings, and that is exactly what Misha and Cipa Dichter invite us to do.  Their playing is sparkling, relaxed, totally musical.  This is note-perfect playing that is never pedantic.”


American Record Guide


“This goes on my ‘Discs of the Year’ list without hesitation.  Seminal listening in every respect.”


Music Web International


“There’s much to savor in the Dichters’ direct and uncluttered interpretations.  One immediately catches on to the exuberant rhythmic drive that still allows room for lyrical repose when necessary, as in the clashing brio and linear clarity they bring to their unusually brisk performance of the first movement of the B flat Sonata, K 358, the richly textured finale of the F major sonata, K497, and the central Allegro of the F minor Fantasia, K608.  ensemble synchronicity operates on a high level.”



“Piano duo enthusiasts will return again and again to Misha and Cipa Dichter’s new three-CD set.  Their playing was classical restraint combined with energy and a feeling of authority.  The music comes to life in a performance soaring with gusto and sculpted phrasing…making this a delightful, memorable recording.”



“This splendid CD set is from the husband and wife team of Misha and Cipa Dichter, who met at Juilliard as students of the great Rosina Lhevinne. Their warmly nuanced, intimate playing is utterly captivating, with beautiful balances, well-chosen tempos, and cultivated tone….Misha and Cipa Dichter have given us a real winner here.  It’s now at the forefront among versions of this delightful music.  Very highly recommended.”